Episode 2

Flying Saucers
have Landed

The second episode featuring the cosmic glam sing-along ”Flying Saucers Have Landed”
by Paul St. John, some progressive folk by Fuchsia and Justine, some affordable
American psych from Kensington Market and Green, and some unaffordable monsters like
Rick Saucedo and Tudor Lodge. Enjoy!

Songs in this episode

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Tudor Lodge

Tudor Lodge.

Records on the show

The Druids Of Stonehenge - Creation (US 1968 Uni Records 3004)
Kensington Market - Aardvark (US 1969 Warner Bros. WS 1780)
Rick Saucedo - Heaven Was Blue (US 1978 Reality Records RS-55-DGP)
Tudor Lodge - Tudor Lodge (UK 1971 Vertigo 6360 043)
The Peep Show - Mazy (UK 1967 Polydor 56196)
Fuchsia - Fuchsia (UK 1972 Pegasus PEG 8)
Paul St. John - Flying Saucers Have Landed (UK 1972 Pye Records 7N.45190)
Justine - Justine (UK 1970 UNI Records UNLS 111)
Raun MacKinnon - Raun Is Her Name! (US 1968 Kapp Records ‎KS-3556)
Green - Green (US 1969 ARCO Records SD 33-282)